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NOTE : School fees will be revised minimum if 13%-15% every year. The school fees on quarterly basis will be accepted by Bank of India, Bhulan Bararee Branch,Shivam masion by cheque from 11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. as per details given below:-

  • April, May, June - to be paid in April 2014 (2nd to 10th)
  • July, Aug., Sept. - to be paid in July 2014(1st to 10th)
  • Oct., Nov., Dec. - to be paid in October 2014(1st to 10th)
  • Jan., Feb., March '14 - to be paid in January 2015(1st to 10th)
    When cheques are bounced you will have to pay Rs.500/- as fine and pay the fees in cash at the office counter.
  • Kindly see that your wards name, admission no., class, section and roll no. is written behind the cheque before depositing in the bank.
  • School fees are payable for 12 months in the year. Absence is not taken into consideration and reduction is made for broken periods
  • If a child is withdrawn for any length of time and the parents wish her to be re-admitted, the admission fee will charged again.
  • All fees and other dues must be paid up before the transfer certificate is taken. Fees so long as pupils name is on the roll have to be paid.
  • A fee of Rs.250/- will be charged for the transfer certificate, and Rs.80/- for all the other certificates issued from the school.