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  • There will be Three Terminal Examination in May/July, October and February. Besides the terminals, weekly tests will be conducted by the subject teachers/ Principal.
  • Parents are requested to clear all the dues, Monthly fees, etc. before the Terminal Examination. In clearance of all the dues an admit card will be issued, which the students should bring to school during the days of Examination.
  • Students will be penalized in case they are found using unfair means during their tests and terminal examination.
  • Parents will sign and return the report card to the class teachers on the same day of the P.T. meeting.
  • Children, who change the marks on their reports or forge a parent’s signature, will be taken to task severely.
  • To secure a pass, the student should secure 40% in every subject.
  • Promotion depends on performance throughout the year, which is in average obtained and not merely on the marks secured in final examination. The decision of the principal is final.
  • Attendance at tests and examination is compulsory. A student absent from an examination for any reason will not be re-examined. There will not be anticipation or postponement of any examination.
  • Parents are expected to accept the decision of the school authorities regarding promotion as final.