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Pupils must attend school regularly and punctually. They should be in their respective classes 5 minutes before the first bell.

  • During the change of teacher or when going from one class to another they should move in order and silence should be observed.
    (a) Pupils must speak English in school premises so that they learn correct pronunciation and accent.
    (b) Pupils are not allowed to visit the staff room.
    (c) They are never allowed to leave the class without the permission of the teacher.
  • Lady-Likeness and respect towards all are characteristics of a Carmel girl.
  • Running, playing and shouting inside the school building is never allowed.
  • Pupils are expected to make well, any damage to furniture other materials and library books. They should take care not to disfigure the walls and black boards.
  • Students should not bring valuable articles to the school. The school is not responsible for good lost. Books, Stationary, Cardigans, School bags, Tiffin boxes etc. should bear the name of the owner and she herself will be responsible for their safe keeping.
  • Books, other than text like novels, comics, magazines and newspapers are not allowed to be circulated in the school.
  • No subscriptions should be raised or raffle tickets etc. sold in the school without the permission of the Principal.
  • All should come to school in the proper uniform. Chappals or slippers are not allowed. The school should not be worn out of school. Respect the school uniform.
  • All correspondence addressed to pupils is subject to the scrutiny of the Principal.
  • Physical education is compulsory. Exception will be allowed only on production of a medical certificate, along with the medical report.
  • All complains or remarks about methods of teaching curriculum etc. should be made to the principal and not to the teacher concerned.
  • All photographs to be used for school purpose should be taken in SCHOOL UNIFORM. OTHERWISE PRINCIPAL WILL NOT SIGN YOUR DOCUMENTS.
  • Students will not be allowed:
    (a) To leave the school premises during the school hours, unless they submit to the Principal a letter from their guardians.
    (b) To raise subscription.
    (c) To give gifts to the members of the staff.
    (d) To organize any picnic or tournaments without permission.
  • Parents are requested to make complaints if any to the principal directly, and not to teacher concerned.
  • Visitors are not allowed to meet the teachers in their respective class rooms during teaching hours. They may do so out of class having made an appointment. All entries of absence, late coming etc. should be made in this dairy, even if the leave letter is submitted for the kind information of other subject teacher.
  • Insubordination to teacher, habitual in-attention to the school work absence, cheating or other misconduct even outside the school premises are sufficient reasons for the suspension or dismissal of a pupil.
  • Mobile phones, I pods, Cameras and any other electrical gadgets are strictly forbidden. The above mentioned gadgets if seized by the school authority will not be returned to the students. Those who break this rule will have to bear penalties.